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Don't worry, that title will make sense eventually, anyway. This wiki will describe every aspect of the world that I have created for DnD campaigns. Keep in mind that this campaign is not really an actual campaign, more of a world for you to create your campaigns. So have fun and be sure to explore every aspect of this world!

If you feel as if an item or weapon isn't balanced correctly please contact the wiki creator(TrashCanHero). He will consult with you about how the item is balanced, and attempt to balance the item accordingly.


You're gonna do everything in some kind of location, so here are the links to those.

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Now the next most important part, what you'll use when you inevitably get attacked. Below is all the current weapon types.

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These things will probably kill you

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A story is only as good as it's characters, so I made sure these are good

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Good lord there are a lot of these, this part will need the most work, and will probably be worked on the most throughout the creation of this wiki

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